Fall 2020

Journal del Pacifico Fall 2020 cover by Kate Turning, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Journal del Pacifico Fall 2020 cover by Kate Turning

Welcome back!

The communities of Baja California Sur have been working through these trying times, finding ways to adapt to the many changes, figuring out business options, and reaching out to help those in need. These individuals are neither heroes nor saints but are the backbone of real community that we love. Like many small businesses, we’ve faced changes and challenges, but we are resilient like our Baja California pueblos. In this issue, we have fascinating local history, as well as current stories on how our communities are rising to carry on in the “new normal.”

Kate Turning once again has given us a stunning Day of The Dead themed cover based on Mexican master Diego Rivera’s painting “The Flower Vendor.”

It is sad that there will not be a large Día de los Muertos celebration in Todos Santos this year, but you can now participate in the Catrinas contest virtually. See Ivonne Benítez’s Covid Catrinas story.

Photographer Emanuela Gardner shared one of her recent photographs on the opening page of the feature story by Bryan Jauregui, of Todos Santos Eco-Adventures, the story of a Pericue named Fabian—a Todos Santos rebel—based on research by Dr. Shane Macfarlan.

Galería Militar is exploring how to show art in the pandemic age. They will be holding a series of socially distanced shows to a limited audience in-person and a wider online audience. See the article in this issue.

A Granel opened in Todos Santos right before the April shutdown, but that didn’t stop them with their quest to reduce waste while providing sustainable, affordable products that biodegrade in the environment. Read more about it in our article.

Five years ago, the co-creators of Women Awakening embarked on a new journey of self-discovery and love, bringing to the community of Todos Santos a Women’s Summit designed to foster connection and celebration to the women of Todos Santos and beyond. In 2020, Elemental Change: Engaging in Our Evolution was chosen as the theme. Not long afterwards, the entire world began a great and seismic shift that has indeed altered the entire trajectory of all our lives. ”We could never have known at that time of our themes choosing, that it would prove to be so apropos and timely.”

With deep contemplation and great consideration for the community, the co-creators are announcing the cancellation of the Annual Women Awakening Summit, previously scheduled for December 4 to 6, 2020. “We may be separate physically at this time, but we are all truly together in spirit, and want you to know you are not alone. We are with you. The bonds we have built these past five years have not broken and we will join together one day again, when the climate is right for such a gathering. We encourage you to take this pause as we are also doing, as a time of spaciousness.”
Women Awakening CO-Creators
Angelica Vélez Mendez
Marimar Higgins
Jill Mollenhauer
Elena Ascencio Ibañez
Arii Corona Miranda

The Todos Santos Writers Workshop will continue, in its eighth year, as a virtual event via Zoom on January 31 to February 6, 2021, adding novelist and long-time Todos Santos resident Joanna Hershon to the faculty. The team of creative writers and editors “dedicated to inspiring and furthering the art of the written word,” also includes editor/memoirist Jeanne McCulloch, journalist/screenwriter Rex Weiner, author/memoirist Karen Karbo and poet/author Christopher Merrill, director of the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa. The one-week event, this year, offers workshops via Zoom in Fiction, Poetry, Writing for Stage and Screen, and two classes in Memoir. Additional events will include craft seminars, panel discussions, social gatherings, and the opportunity to engage one-on-one with instructors. Tuition is $850US. For more information: www.todossantoswritersworkshop.com

Étnica now carries textiles for the home like cushions, runners, placemats, and napkins—all made in Mexico.

We’d like to welcome two business that have recently opened offices on calle Juárez in Todos Santos: Legal & Tax, attorneys and accountants, and DAR Design and Construction. Legal & Tax can help with all your legal, immigration, and accounting needs, while DAR will work with you to design and build your dream.

This is the first year that Pueblo Pescadero is launching for sale the “Hacienda” home, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, with a 1350 sq.-ft. private garage available for secure storage.
The Mini Super Munchies crew welcomes everyone into the new season with a few great new additions to their sweet little shop. They will be offering in-house prepared, healthy fresh food ‘to go” with daily hot food specials and a pre-order pick up option. Check out their website for details and daily specials: http://www.minisupermunchies.com. And, of course, all safety protocols are in place.

Casa Maya & Barefoot Cantina Bar in the Barefoot Luxury’s property at Cerritos Beach features freshly caught and delectably prepared local seafood dishes, carefully selected meats, locally grown organic vegetables, an assortment of sushi, homemade pastas, soups, and salads. Barefoot Cantina offers a generous selection of ice-cold beers, fresh-squeezed margaritas, tasty cocktails, and an extensive wine selection.

Baja Beaters Renta Yota, Todos Santos, Baja, MexicoNeed to get to the beach? Baja Beaters / Renta Yota has Toyota trucks for local rentals. Call or email for more information.

Allende Books has recently moved to a larger location close to the malecón near Sears in La Paz. In addition to an expanded inventory of books and gifts, they have a coffee shop, outdoor seating in the courtyard, Wi-Fi, and information on events and resources. Local artists have brought the interior and exterior walls alive with a dazzling display of the vibrant marine life found in the Sea of Cortez. Drop by and see their magical new space.

Pelican Theatre of La Paz has cancelled their 2021 production due to COVID-19.

This past summer, we featured advertisers on our blog including Irving de la Rosa, architect. When asked about his design philosophy, he stated: “To me, the important thing is that the people who will live in the spaces that I design are happy. As they look out their window, they see something beautiful: the ocean, the mountains, a tree, a bougainvillea. And that the spaces are bright, warm, and pleasant. If I could talk briefly about my philosophy that I believe is the most important thing in life, it is the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of a person—his connection with his environment, with nature. What I try to do in my spaces is create an equilibrium, a harmony in the person’s habitat.”

We look forward to seeing you with the Holiday/Navidad issue! The deadline is November 10.

A Conversation with Irving de La Rosa, Architect

Casa Dara, Irving de La Rosa, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Casa Dara, Todos Santos

Why did you choose to be an architect?

When I was a child, my parents took my brother and me on many beautiful trips during the summer holidays, we visited several cities in the United States. I remember spending many hours on the road in a van. When I was thirteen, we went to Los Angeles and visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and saw an exhibit of the celebrated architect Frank Gehry. It was the first time that I felt a space–the high ceilings, the light, the materials–that enveloped me in a magic called architecture.

Many years later when I work in the design or construction process of a project, I feel that magic in my stomach, like when I was a child.

Cuando era niño, en las vacaciones de verano mis padres nos llevaron a hacer viajes muy bonitos a ni hermano y a mí, conocí varias ciudades de USA, recuerdo que pasábamos muchas horas en carretera en una furgoneta. A la edad de trece años en LA, visitamos un museo del célebre arquitecto Frank Gehry. Fue la primera vez sentí un espacio, los techos altos, la luz, los materiales me envolvieron en una magia llamada arquitectura.

Muchos años después cuando trabajo en el proceso de diseño o constructivo de un proyecto siento esa magia en el estómago, como cuando era niño.

Where did you study?

I studied architecture in two beautiful places: in Mexico City (UNAM) and Barcelona, Spain (UPC). I consider these two cities my home, the first was the capital of the great Tenochtitlan at the time of the Aztec empire and the second is a city that was born in the midst of modern Europe. I learned a great deal in these schools of architecture, from my friends, from all the people with whom I have worked, and above all have been able to visit places, buildings, and cities that have inspired me.

Estudie en dos ciudades muy bonitas, en la ciudad de México (UNAM) y Barcelona, España (UPC). A estas dos ciudades las considero mi casa, la primera fue la capital de la gran Tenochtitlan en la época del imperio Azteca y la segunda es una ciudad que nació en medio de la modernidad europea. Aprendí mucho de toda la gente que conocí en las escuelas de arquitectura, de mis amigos, de toda la gente con quien he trabajado y sobre todo haber podido visitar lugares, edificios o ciudades que me han inspirado mucho.

Casa Dara, Irving de La Rosa, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Casa Dara, Todos Santos

What is your design philosophy?

To me, the important thing is that the people who will live in the spaces that I design are happy. As they look out their window, they see something beautiful: the ocean, the mountains, a tree, a bougainvillea. And that the spaces are bright, warm, and pleasant. If I could talk briefly about my philosophy that I believe is the most important thing in life, it is the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of a person–his connection with his environment, with nature. What I try to do in my spaces is create an equilibrium, a harmony in the person’s habitat.

Lo importante para mí es que la gente que vive en los espacios que diseño, sea feliz. Que en tu ventana veas algo bonito; el mar, la montaña, un árbol, una buganvilia. Que los espacios sean luminosos, cálidos y agradables.

Si pudiera hablar de una filosofía, creo que para mí lo más importante en la vida; es la salud física, emocional y espiritual de una persona, su conexión con su entorno, con la naturaleza. Lo que intento hacer en mis espacios, es que haya un equilibrio, una armonía en el hábitat de las personas.

What is your creative process when presented with a potential project?

Each project for me is an adventure or rather a trip, the important thing is to understand my clients, to know what they want, their wishes and dreams, and then together we begin the journey called architecture.

Cada proyecto para mi es una aventura o mejor dicho un viaje, lo importante es trabajar y entender a mis clientes, saber que quieren, que desean y después juntos comenzar el viaje llamado arquitectura.

Do you work on both residential or public projects or both?

Right now, I am concentrating on residential projects, but ten years ago when I lived in Barcelona I worked on many public projects, especially landscape and buildings. Design is a matter of scale, one day you are designing the detail of a kitchen drawer and another day you are working on a large city project.

Ahora mismo trabajo proyectos residenciales, pero diez años antes cuando vivía en Barcelona trabaje muchos proyectos públicos, sobre todo landscape y edificios. El diseño es una cuestión de escala, un día estas diseñando el detalle de un cajón de cocina y otro día estas proyectando una parte de la ciudad.

What brought you to Baja California Sur?

Every novel has characters and places. There is a town, a city, the person who cuts hair, the one who makes bread, the one who builds houses. When I first came to Baja, I fell in love with the nature, the people, the food, and the light. Baja California Sur is a fantastic place to share stories, our histories, to meet new people, and together write the great novel of life.

Toda novela tiene personajes y lugares. Hay un pueblo, una ciudad, la persona que corta el pelo, el que hace pan, el que hace casas. Cuando conocí por primera vez la Baja quedé enamorado de la naturaleza, de la gente, de la comida, de la luz del sol. La Baja es un lugar fantástico para contar historias, nuestras historias, para conocerlos a ustedes y juntos escribir la gran novela de la vida.

Irving de la Rosa

Email: irving_dra@hotmail.com, www.draaw.org