Tuition Forgiveness for Palapa School Students

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It would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 has created hardships for our local community. Many people from all over the world are rising to the occasion to help provide support to Todos Santos, this small town they love to visit year after year. The Palapa’s spirit of generosity has driven the Board of Directors to rise to this occasion by providing much needed support to the Palapa families.

The Palapa Society is pleased to share with you that they are forgiving all tuition payments for the Palapa School. The board came to this decision after grasping the reality that 1,500 families are receiving help with food, diapers, baby formula, and medical needs. Now parents of Palapa students do not have to make a choice between paying bills or paying for their child’s education. The Board of Directors has waived all student tuitions from August through December 2020. This means that The Palapa Society of Todos Santos A.C. will be paying 100% of tuition costs for every student in The Palapa School.

A Message from the Parents Group: Response to Tuition Forgiveness

“Through this channel, we want to express our deep appreciation for the unconditional and widespread support to all the parents of The Palapa School. Concerning the cancellation of tuition from August to December 2020. Once again, The Palapa Society is demonstrating the desire to support young people from Todos Santos to receive a quality education.”

“For our part, we want to express our gratitude for this generous gesture, while at the same time committing ourselves to support activities for the school. The Palapa Society, once again confirms that they desire future well-being for our sons and daughters, likewise, we commit ourselves in the same way to take advantage of all the benefits they provide us. In times like these, it is pleasant to receive encouraging news that we will soon emerge stronger from this contingency.”

“In these difficult times, you are one more support to get ahead of this contingency. This is also one more valuable lesson for our children, and one more motivation for everyone to participate and contribute our action in support of others. Many thanks!”

Mission Statement

The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. exists to make a positive difference in people’s lives through inspirational quality education and timely support through community service and programs.


It is the vision of The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. to be a sustainable, accessible community focused organization in which quality educational programs empower choice filled lives and create positive transformational change.

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Condonación de colegiaturas para estudiantes de La Escuela de La Palapa

Sería una atenuación decir que COVID-19 ha creado dificultades para nuestra comunidad local. Muchas personas de todo el mundo están aprovechando la ocasión para ayudar a brindar apoyo a Todos Santos, este pequeño pueblo que les encanta visitar año tras año. El espíritu de generosidad de La Palapa ha llevado a nuestra Junta Directiva a elevarse a la altura de la ocasión brindando el apoyo que tanto necesitan nuestras familias de La Palapa.

Nos complace compartir con ustedes que estamos condonando todos los pagos de colegiatura de La Escuela Palapa. Tomamos está decisión después de ver la realidad de que 1,500 familias están recibiendo ayuda con alimentos, pañales, fórmula para bebés y necesidades médicas. Ahora los padres de nuestros estudiantes no tienen que elegir entre pagar facturas o pagar por la educación de sus hijos. Nuestra Junta Directiva ha renunciado a todas las colegiaturas estudiantiles desde agosto hasta diciembre de 2020. Esto significa que nuestra organización pagará el 100% de los costos de las colegiaturas por cada estudiante en La Escuela Palapa.

Un mensaje de nuestro grupo de padres: respuesta al perdón de matrícula

“Por este conducto, queremos expresar nuestro profundo agradecimiento por el apoyo incondicional y generalizado a todos los padres de Familia de la Escueka de la Palapa. Referente a la condonación de colegiaturas a partir del mes de agosto y hasta diciembre del 2020, demostrando una vez más los deseos de apoyar a jóvenes Todosanteños para que reciban una educación de calidad.”

 “De nuestra parte, deseamos manifestar nuestra gratitud por este generoso gesto, al mismo tiempo que nos comprometemos, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, con las actividades de apoyo para la escuela. La Sociedad de la Palapa, una vez más nos confirma que desean el bienestar a futuro para nuestros hijos e hijas, así mismo, nos comprometemos de la misma manera a aprovechar todos los beneficios que nos brindan En tiempos cómo los que vivimos es agradable recibir noticias alentadoras de que pronto saldremos fortalecidos de esta contingencia.”

“En estos tiempos difíciles, ustedes son un apoyo más para salir delante de esta contingencia. Esto también es una enseñanza más para nuestros hijos, y una motivación más para todos de participar y aportar nuestra acción en apoyo a los demás, ¡Muchas gracias!”

Declaración de la Misión

La Sociedad de la Palapa de Todos Santos, A.C. existe para marcar una diferencia positiva en la vida de las personas a través de una educación de calidad inspiradora y un apoyo oportuno con programas y servicios comunitarios.


La Visión de la Sociedad de la Palapa de Todos Santos, A.C. es ser una organización sostenible, accesible, y centrada en la comunidad en la que los programas educativos de calidad empoderen vidas que están llenas de opciones y creen un cambio transformador positivo.

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Pro Paramedicos

On March 31, the same day BCS registered its first COVID-19 deaths, a group of volunteers comprised of marine biologists and medical personnel began a project they call “Pro Paramedicos.”

The handwriting was on the wall, the crisis was coming and our First Responders were nowhere near being ready. “These Paramedics, young people with big hearts and excellent training, many of whom are volunteers, have little or no equipment,” said Dr. Xchel Palafox, one of the founders of the project.

That same day in March they began to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Paramedics in the La Paz Fire Department and Proteccion Civil La Paz. The effort expanded to cover more than 120 Paramedics in 9 different teams.

“The farthest to the north is Las Pocitas,” explained Pablo Ahuja, cofounder of Pro Paramedicos, “They cover 100 kilometers of highway, from marker 50 to marker 150, from Puerto Chale on the Pacific to San Evaristo on the Sea of Cortez. Small towns like Conquista Agraria, El Cien, and Dolores are part of their range. “

Before being supplied by “Pro Paramedicos” this team had no protection against the virus but now they are equipped with Faceshields, Full Body Suits, N95 masks and surgical gloves as well as surgical masks to put on every patient they treat, anyone of whom could be CV19 positive.

“To the south we supply the Bomberos and Paramedicos of Pescadero. This team is led by Comandante Griselda Sotelo, the first female Comandante Firefighter in Mexico. Her adult son Fernando is also in the unit. We stay in constant contact and visit them every few weeks to resupply their PPE,” said Ahuja.

The rest of the teams that are supplied with donations used to purchase PPE include Proteccion Civil in Los Barriles, Grupo Sierra in La Ventana/El Sargento, Los Planes, Todos Santos Bomberos and Grupo Calafia based in Camino Real.

“Calafia is the largest and most active unit and they have transported more Covid-19 cases than the other units. They have 27 Paramedics and five rigs that seem to be constantly on the move,” said Ahuja, “What´s even more amazing is that they are an all-volunteer team.”

While Covid-19 cases increase every day and the death toll mounts in the state we have seen more than 100 hospital personnel become infected and some have even died from the virus. The most recent being a Doctor from the ER at the ISSTE Hospital who died earlier this week.

A testament to the effectiveness of “Pro Paramedicos” and their PPE campaign is that not a single paramedic in the Municipality of La Paz has become infected by the virus despite their ever-increasing caseload in the last three months.

“We know Covid-19 is not going away, that the numbers keep growing and that the virus forced the Government to reverse the reopening as far as access to beaches and the Malecon. We pledge to keep seeking donations and keep buying PPE even though every day the prices go up and the PPE becomes harder to find,” said Ahuja. “On behalf of the Paramedics and their families I would like to thank all the donors.”

You can participate in this lifesaving project by calling Pablo at 612 154 9859 or by making a donation through PayPal to an account set up by Dr. Xchel Palafox

Cheers to Three Years!

Todos Santos Brewing, Todos Santos, Baja, MexicoTodos Santos Brewing’s 3rd Anniversary

Just over four years ago, Liz and Ted Mitchell flew to Mexico with the plan of staying one month. They fell in love with the area, bought property and opened a brewery!

Todos Santos Brewing (TSB) opened its doors in June 2017, and since then Liz and Ted have shared a lifetime of beer, laughs, and memories with locals and visitors alike. After starting off strong on their opening day–serving the amount of beer they had planned for the month in the first three hours–they have made and served over 39,000 liters of beer. This is a remarkable feat considering they run a single-beer barrel system, meaning they brew 100 liters at a time. They’ve brewed over 397 batches including their gluten free FAB (Fermented Alcoholic Beverages) and Ginga Ninja.

Todos Santos Brewing regularly has fifteen small-batch brews to choose from, plus four non-alcoholic beverages, and three rotational or guest taps. They are predominantly an “ale” house with varieties from Summer and Blonde Ales to Brown and India Pale Ales. Not to mention their gluten-free alcoholic ginger beer.

Liz and Ted are proud to have participated in several competitions over the years and came away with awards for their Dizzee Lizzee Summer Ale at the Copa Cerveza; and for the Gaslamp IPA, Dizzee Lizzee and Brown Owl Brown Ale at the Baja Sur State competition.

People raved when they opened their kitchen offering a menu of gastropub food, including specialty gourmet hamburgers, and fish and chips. They also serve traditional Mexican fare, as well as vegan options.

Locals and visitors enjoy the Sunday Sessions live music, a popular event that showcases talented local musicians.

This year plans for their annual anniversary party and just normal dining out changed with the stay at home and social distancing orders of the BCS government due to Covid-19.

But that hasn’t slow them down!

Todos Santos Brewing, Todos Santos, Baja, MexicoYou can refill your growler every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 to 2 pm. Apocalyptic times have called for an apocalyptic beer and so they have introduced a beer appropriate for the current times, the HOP-APOCALYPSE their Double Hazy IPA. This beer comes in at 8.7% ABV (alcohol by volume) and with the IBU (International Bitterness Unit) at 53, this has a much higher perceived bitterness due to this ale having a whopping four pounds of hops per beer barrel!

And on Sunday, June 14, Todos Santos Brewing will celebrate their 3rd year anniversary with a special SUPER SUNDAY SESSIONS online music event featuring an amazing line up of their favorite regular musical artists, including BrewMaster Ted. TSB’s online concert will benefit TODOS UNIDOS: Relief for Todos Santos and Pescadero. Providing much needed food, medical and community needs led by ACTS , Padrino Children’s Foundation and The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.

Keep posted on the TSB Facebook page for further details, times, artists, etc. that will be shared soon. And be sure to checkout JDP Tv’s TSB one year anniversary video at:

Liz and Ted add, “We’re so grateful for the warm welcome we received from the very start and love the support we continue to get from our local community here in Todos Santos. Come for the beer, stay for the experience!”

Todos Santos Brewing is located on Alvaro Obregón between Militar and Rangel in Todos Santos. Growler refills on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12 to 2 pm. For more information, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Que Rico Foods in Todos Santos

María Lacurain and Norma Redo, Que Rico Foods, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

María Lacurain and Norma Redo

We are delighted to welcome the new owners of ¡Que Rico! Foods in Todos Santos, María Lacurain and Norma Redo. After many years of providing delicious homemade and natural foods to the community, Deborah Horn has now retired.

While Norma is in charge of the production and kitchen, Maria oversees the store, with the continuing help of Paulina Avila, who had previously worked for Deborah.

Maria and Norma are both originally from Mexico City and have been living in Baja for two years now. Norma lives in Cabo San Lucas, and Maria in Todos Santos. They both spent a lot of time in the peninsula growing up but did not know each other back then. Norma is a chef and Maria specialized in environment and development. They are incredibly happy that Paulina will continue to work in the shop, she, like Maria and Norma, is a mom and from Mexico City, so they have a lot in common.

Baja Olive Oil from Que Rico, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Baja Olive Oil from Que Rico

When Deborah Horn decided to retire and sell ¡Que Rico! Foods, Maria and Norma saw a great opportunity with a lot of potential. They see ¡Que Rico! as a shared intention to start a process that will allow them to channel different interests in a structured way, such as sustainable sourcing, running a high-quality kitchen, and taking on a business responsibility while raising children. That’s quite an undertaking!

While honoring the incredible work that Deborah and Jaime did at ¡Que Rico! Foods, Maria and Norma hope to grow as individuals and as partners, providing new and better products for the Todos Santos community for many years to come. The current shop space is small, but they are planning to increase its size.

Smoked Chicken from Que Rico, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Smoked Chicken from Que Rico

In spite of these challenging times, Maria and Norma are working hard to improve the quality of their products and are looking for more exciting things to offer. In addition to all the great products that we know and love, they now have Black Forest ham, some different varieties of cheese, and a couple of new recipes like the pesto, and the Chili con Carne. Please let them know what you would like to see in the store.

Maria, Norma, and Paulina wish to thank the community for its continued support, are grateful for everybody’s patience with the changeover. They appreciate the well-wishes and loving words that customers offer when they visit the shop. Maria and Norma are enjoying the opportunity to get to know more people in the community and shared with us that it´s a beautiful feeling to be accompanied in this journey.

Stop in and say hello! The current hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday, 11 am to 5 pm. Orders and requests can be called in at 612-118-6031. Home delivery service is available.

They publish regularly on the ¡Que Rico! Facebook page and have a new Instagram account: @quericofoods. The e-mail is the same as always: