La Recua

La Recua, Baja, MexicoHow to watch La Recua – on-line or live!
by  Trudi Angell
Baja California Sur’s own Docu-Story has traveled north, up El Camino Real, to Santa Barbara in Alta California.  View and Vote at its World Premiere festival! Apr. 1-10, 2021
La Recua [rék•wah] – The Mule Pack Train
will be available for Streaming Online, and on the Big Screen at a local drive-in theater in Santa Barbara – at the 36th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival (
Watch 2 min. Trailer Here 
In 2018, three generations travel 20 days by mule on old El Camino Real trails, packing traditional trade goods on donkeys, meeting old friends along the 200 mile route, and sharing stories: an amazing glimpse into the past and Baja California Sur’s cultural treasures.
Our two youngest riders, Azucena age 10, and Ramoncito age 8, are sure to capture hearts as they share their own stories and learn the ropes along the trail.
Buy ticket now, to watch during the festival – April 1st to 10th, 2021
(if you are in Mexico, see FAQs below**)
Produced by Trudi Angell and co-directed by Darío Higuera Meza (of Corazón Vaquero fame). We take you on a gorgeous trail ride down the peninsula to learn about the history of pre-highway travel in the Original California … on the back of a mule!
A beautiful film for the whole family.
Praise for La Recua –
• La Recua is superb! … it tells a complete story of a man, his family, his society, and his culture through the journey of the recua. Paul Ganster dir. Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias
• It is a true tribute to the region, it’s people, their culture and traditions! Xavier Breña, Mex.
• I was so impressed with the intimacy and beauty of the experience – the characters, landscape and history of the Recua. Shaw Salzburg, Loreto, BCS
 Great story, great filming, great music. Such a vision, so lovingly portrayed. Barb Ware, Ukiah, CA
• The cinematography, the editing, the way it flows like El Camino Real, and most of all, the essence of it, which is The Heart. Tracy Durlan, Todos Santos, BCS
FAQs About the Festival and the Film
•  FB / La Recua Movie  /  Twitter and Instagram  @larecuamovie  Share por favor!
• In Spanish with English subtitles.
• If you are in the southern CA area, see the web site for a Drive-in screening of La Recua (mid day on April 1st)– and read all of their FAQs
• The film is available online April 1-10 in the US & Canada**. It has been Geo-Blocked (unable to be viewed) to exclude Mexico**. The reason for that is, some other festivals to which we have applied or have yet to apply, require that a film be premiered in their region. It will still be a number of months before we can sell it to the public, so enjoy at festivals now, vote for us if you love it, and then buy later!
**If you are in Mexico and chompin’ at the bit to watch the film… please contact Trudi for more information.
•  How to Vote for La Recua! Following your viewing of the film, every ticket holder (or passholder) can vote, one time, online, for the film on the film’s landing page.
Awards: 2020 – Environmental Stewardship Award for cultural history.
2015 – Pioneer of Cultural Tourism in Baja California Sur
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