May 30, 2023 Summer 2023

Happy Summer! Thank you for all the compliments on our Spring issue with its La Poza cover by photographer and musician Wendy Fitz. You can see her photography biography on our blog. Kaia Thomson recently visited the Cactus Sanctuary in … Continue reading

April 1, 2023 On the Cover Spring / Primavera 2023

Wendy Bethia Fitz Español abajo My infatuation with images started in my childhood watching old films my father had taken while living in China before I was born. It’s of some note that my great, great grandfather Henry Fitz Jr. … Continue reading

March 2, 2023 Spring 2023 deadline

Happy Spring! Feliz Primavera! Spring / Primavera 2023 Deadline / Fecha Limite – March 10 / 10 de Marzo Thank you for all your compliments on our Winter / Invierno 2023 issue with the beautiful cover by photographer Liz Icedo. … Continue reading